Summercamp 2020 - Yngre grupp (2011-2013)

Kungälv Hockey's refund policy regarding our camps

We understand these are tough and stressful times with COVID-19, and we here at Kungälv Hockey want to make sure our camps are a stress-free option for your son/daughter to develop as a hockey player. Therefore, if our camps are cancelled due to COVID-19, we can guarantee a 100% refund to all those who have already paid/registered for our camps. This allows you to register for our awesome upcoming camps without having to stress about COVID-19!

If you have any questions regarding our refund policy, please feel free to contact our camp coordinator, Matthew Lapierre, by email at:

We look forward to seeing you all at our upcoming camps!


We are very happy to annouce exciting new changes to our summer camp format, both for our youngest and our oldest groups! The biggest change to our format this year is that we will no longer have one week specifically for older players and one week for younger players; instead both weeks will have a group designed specifically for our younger players!

Week 31 will have a group for players born 2011, and week 32 will have a group for players born between 2012-2013. These two specific groups will be open only to Kungälv players. and the groups will also be run by Kungälv coaches, both on and off ice. We see this as a huge benefit for our youngest group for two reasons:

1) The players get a great camp with the exact same schedule as the older groups.
2) Because it is only Kungälv players and coaches the camp will not only be educational, but will also be a great team building ''kick-off'' for each team to start their season.

The week 31 group (players born 2011) will be run by Jocke Ericsson, as well other coaches from the 2011 group. Jocke has a long history of both playing and coaching within Kungälv Hockey, and is very well respected as a youth hockey leader. The week 32 group (players born 2012-2013) will also be run by coaches from within Kungälv Hockey; we will update shortly who is ''head coach'' of the group.
Summercamp vecka 31 & 32
Veckans innehåll:
- 2 ispass á 60 min/dag per grupp
- 1 fyspass á 60 minuter/dag per grupp
- 1 teoripass/dag per grupp
- 1 ''off-ice'' pass/dag per grupp (hockey skills off ice)
- Lunch/kvällsmål båda dagarna
- Målvaktstränare på alla ispass
Vecka 31
Grupp 1: Född 2011 (Endast KIK spelare)
Vecka 32
Grupp 1: Född 2012-2013 (Endast KIK spelare)
Pris Utespelare & Målvakter: Early Bird pris till 30/04, 2700 kr/vecka
Efter 30/04, 3000 kr/vecka
Vid eventuella nya direktiv eller rekommendationer ifrån folkhälsomyndigheten betalar vi naturligtvis tillbaka hela anmälningsavgiften.
Betalning:Delbetalning går att ordna.

Datum (Vecka 31): 29/07 - 02/08
Datum (Vecka 32): 03/08 - 07/08
Tider: 7:30-17:00
Agenda: Ett preliminärt schema läggs ut på summercampsidan
Anmälan: Finns i menyn upp till höger
Kontakt: Matthew Lapierre Mobile: 079-110-7947, Email:
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